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Virtual Panel

May 29, 2024 
11:30 am ET - 12:30 pm ET

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Personalization in Retail: Leveraging Data for Competitive Advantage

Join this one-hour panel discussion on Personalization in Retail: Leveraging Data for Competitive Advantage. In the fiercely competitive retail landscape, personalization has emerged as a crucial strategy for capturing consumer attention and loyalty. Our panel of industry experts will delve into the intricacies of leveraging data to craft personalized eCommerce experiences that outpace competitors. 

Explore innovative data-driven approaches to understanding consumer behavior, predicting preferences, and tailoring offerings. Discover how leading retailers harness artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze vast datasets, enabling targeted marketing campaigns and dynamic pricing strategies. Don't miss the opportunity to uncover strategies for gaining a competitive edge through data-driven personalization.



Vijay Jayaraman
Senior Director of Product, Walmart e-commerce

Vijay Jayaraman is the Senior Director of Product at Walmart E-Commerce, steering a vast and dispersed matrix team. Boasting over 15 years in e-Commerce, Cart and Checkout, Payments, and Customer Identity and Security, he spearheads initiatives to enhance site conversion rates, operational efficacy, and cultivate a devoted base of high-spending patrons. Renowned for his expertise, Vijay is a coveted speaker at Product School, sharing insights garnered from his extensive industry tenure. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer-centric strategies, he continues to redefine the landscape of online retail, ensuring Walmart remains at the forefront of digital commerce.


Adeola Adeosun
Head of eCommerce, Tramontina

Adeola Adeosun, based in Houston, TX, but originally from New York, has woven her career journey through the diverse tapestry of digital commerce. Beginning at EbonyLife TV in Lagos, Nigeria, she immersed herself in the intricacies of digital marketing and partnerships, laying the foundation for her future roles. Transitioning to positions in the retail sector, Adeola honed her skills at Charming Charlie, Academy Sports and Outdoors, CVS Health, and most recently Tramontina USA, Inc. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Merchandising from Louisiana State University, she continues to make strides in the digital commerce landscape. Driven by her passion for innovation and excellence, Adeola remains steadfast in her pursuit of learning and growth


Julie Swanks
Digital Product Director, Formerly Target & Best Buy

Julie Swanke is a Product Leader and Digital Strategist known for her innovative and results-driven approach.  Julie has consistently delivered transformative solutions, fueling growth through digital innovation and strategic product management.  Notably, at Target, Julie led the development of a pioneering product team, specializing in high-impact digital marketing experiences and seamless off-platform shopping integration.  Prior, she led a digitally focused product team in revolutionizing and automating item-level data and content improving digital customer discovery and product selection process.   At Best Buy, led digital transformation initiatives, created localized digital experiences and established a robust Voice of the Customer research program.  Julie career embodies her exceptional talent in leveraging user insights, data, and analytics to propel digital innovation, achieving tangible results while nurturing agile, customer-centric teams.



David Geffin
VP, Product Marketing, Glassbox

A product marketing evangelist with over 15 years of experience in the Workforce Optimization and Digital Experience Analytics and multiple technological patents. Today David leads the product marketing activity of Glassbox and is responsible for solution positioning, market education, and roadmap communication. In addition to the above, David has a passion for working with customers and learning how the solutions his team develops are being used and the value they are delivering.

Our Attendees

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