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Leadership Course

NASA created the 4-D leadership course to foster 8 key behaviours that transformed the organization for ever. Now we're sharing it with you. 

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The explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger rocked the world. The 7 astronaut fatalities and subsequent failed missions led to senate inquiries and the eventual realisation that it was social context, and not technical incompetence, that led to this and other failures. The 4-D leadership course was designed to foster 8 key behaviours that have transformed life at NASA.

Architected by Charlie Pellerin, the former Director of Astrophysics at NASA, the 4-Dimensional Leadership Course is critically different in that it equips leaders to create the social conditions for high performance. Updated with contemporary neuroscientific studies and simulations from the current space program, this leadership framework is peerless.

NASA’s returns are conservatively estimated at 450%, according to former Director of Astrophysics, and author of How NASA Builds Teams, Charlie Pellerin.

This course is designed for high-performing teams. Here is what you can expect.

The Experience

Expert practitioners deliver stimulating, immersive and memorable learning experiences, using simulations drawn from the current space program. These transfer readily and are immediately applied to your workplace.  Leadership course learnings are exchanged creating rich peer-to-peer learning.

The Delivery

The public leadership course runs as 8 x 90 minute modules, delivered virtually, once a week. Organisations running the leadership course internally can customise the cadence and delivery to suit. In both formats, the leadership course is designed to be immersive and experiential, with participants applying new skills to real organisational challenges between sessions.

Half Full Moon

Dr. Michael D. Griffin, NASA Administrator, 2005-2009

Dr. Pellerin knows how NASA works from long experience within the organization, and years of collaboration with the agency from outside. What he has learned about how NASA puts together teams to attain out-of-this-world goals will help you and your organization achieve your goals.

What are the four dimensions and their eight behaviours?

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Reserve your place

Choose your preferred start date and register today. The course runs as 8 x 90 minute modules, delivered virtually, once a week every Thursday at 3:00 pm -
4:30 pm Eastern Time. 

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