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Data Collaboration
Virtual Forum

July 24, 2024 
11:20 am BST

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Data Collaboration
Virtual Forum

Join us at the Data Collaboration Virtual Forum, a premier event designed for data and analytics executives committed to enhancing cross-functional collaboration with product and marketing teams. Leading industry experts will share insights on effective communication strategies, human-centric analytics, and agile experimentation techniques. Discover how to leverage predictive analytics for growth forecasting and planning,

drive data-driven product innovation from concept to launch, and define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success. This forum is your opportunity to engage with thought leaders, explore innovative solutions, and elevate your organization's data initiatives to new heights.



Ivan Branco
Head of Information Management, BI & Analytics at Volvo

Responsible for data management and governance for supply chain, and responsible for business intelligence strategy execution at his organization. Focus on empowering the work force, and increasing data literacy as a channel to increase performance and services towards our end customers.

Treating data as a core asset that can assist us in moving our business forward. He is part of a key network within his organization looking into the journey ahead when it comes the continuous improvement connected to using our data, integrated with multiple business and IT levels, and external suppliers.

He offers multiple years of experience in this area, both from a business and an IT perspective, covering process and solution management.

Pritesh Patel
Group Product Manager, Analytics Automation, Walmart

As the Group Product Manager for Replenishment & Analytics Automation, [Speaker's Name] leads the charge in revolutionizing how businesses optimize inventory management and automate analytical processes. With a keen focus on integrating advanced analytics with operational strategies, [Speaker's Name] drives innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and accuracy. Their expertise spans cross-functional collaboration, predictive analytics, and data-driven product development, making them a pivotal figure in the industry. With a passion for leveraging technology to solve complex challenges, [Speaker's Name] continues to shape the future of replenishment and analytics automation.


Munish Gupta
Head of Technology, Pedernales Electric Corp

An accomplished technology executive with proven success steering software solutions and enterprise data warehouse launches to advance multibillion-dollar companies. Maximize revenue and optimize profit by leveraging innovative technology and rigorous KPIs to automate and streamline operational processes and increase speed-to-market. Consistently deliver results in highly competitive landscapes by performing data analytics to direct quality, customer experience, and organizational efficiency decisions.


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Gaurav Jaiswal
CPO, Analytics, Pearson

Global business executive with a unique blend of strategic business thinking and hands-on operational experience in building and growing a business. Proven track record of successfully creating and launching products, managing large product portfolio and scaling digital business.

Adept at cultivating and leading high-performing cross-functional and international teams to desired business outcomes. Skilled at conceptualizing high-impact strategic solutions and collaborative problem-solving, with a keen eye for details. Passionate about championing the cause of customers and end user experience.


Vinod Subramanian
Chief Operation Officer, MedAdvisor

Vinod is Chief Operating Officer at MedAdvisor Solutions. MedAdvisor Solutions mission is to empower the pharmacy of the future to help people manage their healthcare, one prescription at a time. There are very few professions where you can touch the lives of others and make a difference in them - the way you can in the healthcare industry. Opportunity to leverage data and technology to advance patient care in partnership with like minded partners and colleagues makes everyday exciting for me.

Our Attendees

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Wednesday, July 24 (BST)
Opening Remarks
Presentation: Agile Experimentation: Testing and Iterating for Continuous Improvement
Panel Discussion: Breaking Down Silos: Fostering Collaboration Between Analytics, Product, and Marketing Teams.
Presentation: Effective Communication Strategies for Cross-Functional Collaboration
Panel Discussion: Data-Driven Growth Strategies: Leveraging Analytics to Fuel Business Expansion
Closing Remarks

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