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June 26, 2024

B2B Marketing Virtual Forum

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of B2B Marketing at our exclusive virtual event. Immerse yourself in four hours of insightful sessions, featuring two dynamic panels and visionary keynotes led by industry experts. This event serves as your gateway to the latest trends shaping the B2B marketing landscape in 2024.

Delve deep into practical insights and real-world strategies, equipping yourself with actionable advice to navigate the ever-evolving world of B2B marketing. Elevate your expertise, forge connections with industry leaders, and secure your spot now for an immersive experience that transcends theory—providing immediate impact for your professional journey.



Ajay Subherwal
CRO, EMEA & APAC, Intentsify

Ajay is the Chief Revenue Officer, EMEA & APAC, at Intentsify and is responsible for supporting global expansion efforts across revenue and customer growth goals. Spending more than 20 years leading revenue teams in the sales industry working with notable Fortune 100 organizations, Ajay has extensive experience helping to build foundation and growth in both EMEA and APAC regions. Prior to joining Intentsify, Subherwal was appointed Chief Revenue Officer of MRP after serving 12 years as Senior Vice President, where he was responsible for building and scaling EMEA and APAC business units. Before joining MRP, he led Oracle's enterprise technology sales team in Ireland and held a management position at Hewlett-Packard UK.


Prelini Udayan-Chiechi
SVP, Global Digital Marketing, Zendesk

relini Udayan-Chiechi leads demand, growth, performance, operations, partner and regional marketing at Zendesk. Her responsibilities include driving all demand and growth for the company’s business in more than 160 countries globally across the entire demand funnel.

Prelini first joined Zendesk in 2017 as Vice President, Marketing EMEA, and has continued to take on increased responsibilities during her tenure from a regional to global role, and additional functions as her span of control has continued to increase.

With over two and half decades of marketing experience from both software and SaaS, Prelini has led marketing initiatives and practices for blue chip companies including Lotus Software, IBM, Adobe, Lithium Technologies, Bazaarvoice and now Zendesk. An accomplished public speaker and thought leader on customer experience, social and marketing, Prelini breaks the mould of a traditional marketing leader, constantly looking at new approaches, ideas and leading change within the industry.


Enzo Diliberto
Global Insight Director, FT

Enzo heads up the FT's Global Commercial Insight team based in London. The team provides thought leading and actionable audience insights to our commercial partners and cover a wide range of projects ranging from: Audience measurement, Audience Insights, Brand tracking studies, Thought Leadership as well as Advertising effectiveness.

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June 26 
Opening Remarks
Data-Driven Decision Making in B2B Marketing
The Role of Content Marketing in B2B: Creating Valuable and Relevant Content
Innovations in B2B Marketing: Emerging Trends and Technologies
Building Effective B2B Marketing Campaigns: A Comprehensive Guide
Navigating the B2B Social Media Landscape: Best Practices for Engagement
Closing Remarks
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