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Better Product 

in partnership Amplitude

Want to make awesome products? Learn strategies from the experts! They’ve tested these tricks, so you know they work. And guess what? It’s all free! Just dive in and start making your products better today!


Product Whitepaper

The Key Product Metrics

the best metrics for tracking user
acquisition, activation, engagement, retention, and monetization.

Product Whitepaper

Digital Analytics Mistakes

This whitepaper highlights the 10 mistakes you're making and how to correct them!  

Product Whitepaper

The Total Economic Impact of Amplitude

This whitepaper outlines the cost savings & business benefits of enabling Amplitude.

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Panel Discussions

True Value of Product Roadmaps in Product Development.  
Executives from PayPal, BBC, & Bailly's Corporation join us to discuss the true value of product roadmaps in today's agile environment. 

The Future of Product Development Automated.
We are joined by JustEat, & Wayfair, as they discuss the future of building product and the impact Generative AI will play.

Building User Centric Product Experiences.

For this thirsty minute discussion, our panelists from BBC, Goldman Sachs & Digital Science discuss the importance of user centricity in their product strategy. 

Build Products in Uncertain Times.
Laura Jenner the Director of Product at ITV, delivers a deep dive into building products amid changing consumer preferences. How to stay agile whilst delivering meaningful experiences. 

Top 10 Product Analytics Mistakes .
Adam Greco, Amplitude's Product Evangelists take a look at the most common mistakes they see clients making when tracking and interpreting product metrics. .


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